Hit By Google Penguin & Panda Updates? I Can Help You!

Do your site or your friend's site has been hit by Google's animal updates; Penguin & Panda? That must caused a drastic drop in traffic of your website and your business as well. Want to recover? I can help you.
In last few years Google had made some major changes in its algorithm to remove web spam and named them as "Google Panda" & "Google Penguin" updates launched 23rd Feb 2011 and 24th April 2012 respectively. Later several newer versions of these updates came with the aim to avoid displaying spam in SERP.

First of all let me clear you both updates:

Google Panda: This Update is all about the content, that hit majorly content farm websites. many article and press release sites have lost huge amount of traffic. The sites having spam content or copied content had lost rankings and traffic as well. 

Google Penguin: This algorithm is all about links. All the paid or promotional links were considered as spam.

Now to recover from these animal updates from Google there is only one formula: "Stay to The Basics"
You guys must be thinking what rubbish, this guy is talking about basics whereas we are doing more advanced SEO. Right? Let me explain you in detail-

When you started your SEO career, there were some basics of SEO as:
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Add informative and relevant content as per the theme of the website and the
  • keywords you have targeted on that particular page.
  • Avoid spam links etc. as u all guys know that.
Now Google is following only these basics in its algorithm.

Panda Case: In panda basically content farm sites were hit. In these article and press release sites majorly SEO guys were submitting articles and one article was being published in several such sites and also that content was full of links some times 3-6 links in a single article. Article is basically informative content about any topic, place, technology etc. So how can you put different links in same article of press release by just editing the anchor texts. Everybody was doing SEO work for quantity, but now its all about quality.

Write an article about a particular topic put only one link relevant to the topic. Don't publish the content in many sites, just finalize some good sites and submit your content there, it will definitely going to help you. Write informative content that will help users. Use social media to connect with your users and share your content.

Penguin Case: As Penguin update is all about links. The sites which were buying sponsored links or spam link were hit by penguin.

Here are some points about penguin:

1: If you are getting links from a crap site you will also be considered as spam.
2: If you are getting huge amount of links for the same anchor text then it will also be considered as spam.
3: Paid or sponsored links will be considered as spam.
4: Its not necessary to get back links only for your targeted anchor text you should use combination of targeted keywords, link tail keywords, simple URL and company or brand name to make hyperlinks.

SEOGeeksIndia.com was also hit by Google Penguin Update1.1 on 25th May 2012. I have applied these thinks here and now, I am seeing increase in traffic.

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